Sensor data fusion

Software for multiple sensor data fusion applications

BASELABS enables its customers to achieve data fusion results in multiple-sensor scenarios. With increasing complexity of the applications, the fusion of arbitrary sensors of different types gets more and more challenging – here, we support with development software and customized software. There are two ways of achieving results with BASELABS: customized software projects (BASELABS Modules) or usage of the BASELABS data fusion development tools (BASELABS Create).

Embedded Data Fusion – BASELABS Modules

BASELABS Modules is our brand for the development of customized data fusion applications, according to the needs of our customers. We have a broad experience in implementing different data fusion use cases. Examples are Multiple Object Tracking (MOT) or Automated Emergency Break (AEB) applications. BASELABS Modules support our customers in achieving development goals faster and with less resources.

Data fusion algorithm implementation – BASELABS Create

BASELABS Create is the framework for the development of data fusion algorithms. It provides filters and models that can directly be used for sensor fusion development. Thus, the developer can start working on the parametrization of the algorithms and models earlier and spend more time on optimizing the system performance.

System development framework – vADASdeveloper

BASELABS Create integrates seamlessly in vADASdeveloper by Vector. vADASdeveloper is a framework for the development of multi sensor applications. It provides convenient access to sensor data and ensures the reliable and synchronized recording, replay and visualization of measurement data. The framework allows the reuse of existing C and C++ code.

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