BASELABS is executing on the vision of “safe automated driving for all vehicles”. BASELABS has a strong background in both algorithm development for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated vehicles and provides an alternative sourcing-strategy and development approach for sensor fusion development.

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04.08.2021: Realization of an alternative sourcing strategy for sensor fusion through a software product

In the race to automated driving, automotive companies have a continuously increasing demand for development resources. BASELABS provides the automotive industry with an alternative sourcing strategy for sensor fusion via licensable software. Automotive companies are enabled to adapt data fusion applications more quickly and efficiently to changing market and technology requirements - in-house or at the supplier. Thus, OEMs and Tier 1 are more flexible in their sourcing decisions. For its market relevance and user benefits, the BASELABS Create Embedded software has now been awarded the Frost & Sullivan "2021 Enabling Technology Leadership Award".

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04.08.2021: Realisierung einer alternativen Beschaffungsstrategie für Sensor-Fusion über ein Software-Produkt

Im Wettlauf zum automatisierten Fahren haben Automobilunternehmen einen kontinuierlich steigenden Bedarf an Entwicklungsressourcen. BASELABS stellt der Automobilindustrie eine alternative Beschaffungsstrategie für Sensor-Fusion über eine lizensierbare Software bereit. Dadurch können Automobilunternehmen Datenfusions-Anwendungen einfacher und effizienter an sich ändernde Markt- und Technologieanforderungen anpassen - inhouse oder beim Lieferanten. Das erhöht die Flexibilität bei Beschaffungsentscheidungen. Für seine Marktrelevanz und die Nutzer-Vorteile wurde die Software BASELABS Create Embedded nun mit dem Frost & Sullivan "2021 Enabling Technology Leadership Award" ausgezeichnet.

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14.07.2021: Was macht BASELABS eigentlich?

Eric Richter, einer unserer leitenden Entwickler, wird oft gefragt, was genau BASELABS eigentlich entwickelt und welche Technologien dafür verwendet werden. Hier ein kleiner Einblick.

Was macht BASELABS eigentlich

24.06.2021: Major Tech and Automotive Industry Players join forces for Automated Driving

BASELABS is a member of the first long-term working group "Safety & Architecture" of The Autonomous. The partners and leaders of this working group include Arm, Audi, CoreAVI, DENSO, Five, the German Fraunhofer IESE, NXP, the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and TTTech Auto. With BASELABS software product strategy, we contribute to safe automated driving not only for one brand or one car model but for all vehicles. BASELABS' strategy aligns perfectly with The Autonomous' mission of working together on global reference solutions to define a safe automated driving system architecture for self driving vehicles as the basis for standardization and series production. Press release

12.05.2021: Sensor Fusion and DMIPS

Predicting the runtime of sensor fusion algorithms is essential for selecting a particular embedded platform suitable for the intended driving function. Therefore, our product manager Norman Mattern analyzed whether DMIPS is a valuable metric for the runtime prediction on different platforms like Infineon AURIX and ARM Cortex. Read his article

30.03.2021: BASELABS and Vector Sign Cooperation Agreement for Distribution of ADAS Software

Vector now distributes the software BASELABS Create Embedded from the Chemnitz-based developer of sensor fusion internationally as part of its ADAS product portfolio. Press release Vector Informatik

30.03.2021: BASELABS und Vector schließen Kooperationsvertrag zum Vertrieb von ADAS Software

Vector, der Stuttgarter Spezialist für Software und Automobilelektronik, vertreibt die Software BASELABS Create Embedded des Chemnitzer Entwicklers für Sensorfusion nun international im Rahmen seines ADAS-Produktportfolios. Pressemitteilung Vector Informatik

31.03.2021: Driving Towards Level 2+ | Safe and scalable sensor fusion ecosystem with Infineon's AURIX™

The underlying hardware and software ecosystem needs to be safe and scalable to efficiently handle the complexity of sensor fusion development for safety-critical automotive applications. The sensor fusion platform BASELABS Create Embedded is the perfect fit for the Infineon AURIX™ microcontroller TC3xx family when approaching the development of ADAS systems that vehicle owners can trust.
The cooperation between Infineon and BASELABS has resulted in a safe and reliable sensor fusion platform for safety-critical applications and automated driving. In this context, the whitepaper "Driving Towards Level 2+ Sensor Fusion for ADAS" has been published: Download Whitepaper

05.02.2021: Sensor Models — Key Ingredient for Sensor Fusion in Automated Driving

BASELABS sensor fusion expert, Eric Richter, explains why sensor models are a key ingredient for sensor fusion and how they influence the performance of the environmental model. In conclusion, Eric calls for a scalable sensor fusion architecture that separates sensor models from algorithms and that enables reusability of major architecture parts when exchanging or adding sensors.
The modular and ISO 26262 certified sensor fusion library BASELABS Create Embedded includes such a scalable architecture and allows fast sensor exchanges and modifications.
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