Job offers for data fusion in Chemnitz

Open Positions

Our customers ask for excellent software tools and project results that allow them to deliver cutting-edge driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles. Our job offers aim at talented people who know how to serve these customers. At BASELABS, you can expect to be responsible for software (parts) and/or project results after a short time. Convince us with your skills and your personality!


At BASELABS, you have the chance to work on one of the hottest topics in the automotive industry – automated driving. Our open positions target talented applicants who know how to face challenges in software development, engineering and everything related to data fusion. Working in our interdisciplinary team is a great opportunity for open-minded people who want to act together in a collaborative and feedback-oriented way. At BASELABS, you have the chance to grow in the automotive industry, but experience the dynamics and spirit of a young and growing company.

Open Positions

Unsolicited Applications

For graduates and experienced professionals

You studied computer science, physics, engineering or similar fields and you didn't see the right job for you among our current open positions? Apply unsolicited as a professional!

If you feel that your qualifications match BASELABS' needs, please feel free to send us your documents (see also below "What is required for your application") via the link above.

Please note that we only accept unsolicited applications for technical positions. Unsolicited applications for administrative positions will not be considered. If you are interested in an administrative position at BASELABS, please regularly check our listing of open positions.

For students

At BASELABS you are on the right place, if

  • you are interested in the technology of automated driving,
  • you are affine in programming and have good technical understanding,
  • mathematical, logical thinking is easy for you,
  • you can work on tasks with commitment and initiative and you enjoy working independently.

For final theses we publish topics for students in Master's or Graduate programs in our list of open positions. If you have not found the right job for you among our current offers, please send us your unsolicited application as a student!

Please consider also that we are not able to offer voluntary internships or compulsory internships with a set topic.

Application Process

What is required for your application?

We are interested in getting an overall impression of you and your skills based on your documents. Therefore, we kindly ask you to apply with a cover letter, your CV, references as well as certificates from your academic and professional experience. Students should send a certificate of enrollment as well as a transcript of records from university. 

How do we proceed after receiving your application?

It’s our goal to provide you with a quick first response to your application. After screening and evaluating your documents you might be invited to a first interview. This will take usually 1 hour. Within this time, we would like to give you and us the chance to get to know each other in a better way.

In order to be able to prepare optimally for the interview for you as well as us, you will be asked to fill out an applicant questionnaire. We would like to emphasize that the form is not a selection criterion for us, but rather serves to make even better use of the interview time.

In case of positive feedback after the first interview, you will be invited to a second interview at our office. The second interview may include small tasks that need to be solved. Interview participants include members of the management as well as additional staff members of the BASELABS team. In different rounds of talks, we want to get to know you better, as well as give you the chance to ask any questions you may have. In addition, during the second interview you will usually have the chance to get to know the team during the lunch break. Overall the different interview parts usually take approximately 6 or 7 hours.

How much do we pay students?

The salary for interns is 920 € and 740 € for thesis students per month for 40 working hours per week. (Please note that we only offer internships to students who are required to complete an internship as part of their studies). We also offer jobs for working students, which are paid with 10,30 € per hour.

What is the process like during the COVID-19 pandemic?

What is the process like during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We are glad that we were able to defy the crisis and continue to grow our team. Currently, most of us are working from home. For the application process, this means that we conduct all our interviews via Zoom. However, to give you an impression of our office space, we have provided a virtual tour.

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