Exemplary Workflow with BASELABS Create Embedded and Infineon AURIX™

Sensor Fusion Library for Infineon AURIX

The selection of the AURIX™ family of automotive microcontrollers provides an established, reliable computing platform to safely run automated driving functions and algorithms. With the ISO 26262 certified library BASELABS Create Embedded, sensor fusion algorihms are efficiently developed for Level 2 ADAS and automated driving functions.

BASELABS Create Embedded is a software solution for the fast and efficient development of sensor fusion systems for automated driving functions. Its embedded library contains fusion algorithms that combine data from radar, camera, and lidar sensors. The resulting object fusion provides a unified object list of the vehicle environment and serves as an input for automated driving functions.

BASELABS Create Embedded provides a consistent development workflow - from pre-development and prototyping to series production. The resulting MISRA compliant C-source code runs directly on the target hardware and perfectly supports AURIX™ TC3xx. Thus, the library allows you to configure and adapt your sensor fusion system for new ADAS functions, sensor setups, and use cases flexibly with less programming and documentation effort. The software provides workflows for seamless integration into many platforms and runtime environments, e.g. by the automated generation of AUTOSAR software components.

Ecosystem for Sensor Fusion

Driving towards Level 2+ Sensor Fusion for ADAS
  • Utilizing a safe and scalable sensor fusion ecosystem of hard- and software to efficiently handle the complexity of sensor fusion for safety-critical automotive applications
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Safety Concept

Safety is a core concern throughout the entire implementation of ADAS technology, from the software through to the silicon upon which it runs. The software library BASELABS Create Embedded has been developed according to ASPICE. It also follows the relevant sub-set of the requirements of ISO 26262:2108 for ASIL B. By that, resulting sensor fusion systems can be safely used for production, and the development effort is drastically reduced.

ISO 26262 compliance and BASELABS Safety Concept

Safety across the AURIX™ ecosystem can be considered to be a cultural mindset. This starts by avoiding systematic faults through the consequential implementation of ISO 26262 methodologies during design, in-depth analysis of IP-level failure modes, and hardening products through the application of stringent design rules.

Infineon's Safety Concept for AURIX™

Sensor Fusion Library for Embedded Systems

  • Develop custom sensor fusion algorithms with the graphical sensor fusion designer
  • Use built-in sensor models for typical automotive sensors, e.g. camera & radar
  • Implement custom sensor models with the sensor fusion SDK
  • Get MISRA compliant, numerically stable and human-readable C-source code
  • Developed according to ASPICE and ISO 26262
  • Execute sensor fusion algorithms on AURIX™ TC3xx microcontroller platforms
  • Analyze sensor fusion systems with built-in visualization and diagnostics
  • Set parameters during design-time and at runtime

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