Exemplary Workflow with BASELABS Create Embedded and AUTOSAR

Sensor fusion library for AUTOSAR

BASELABS Create Embedded is a software library for the development of sensor fusion systems for automated driving functions on embedded platforms. The software significantly reduces the development costs of Level 2 ADAS and automated driving functions, shortens the time to market and considers ISO 26262 efficiently. The software solution runs directly together with AUTOSAR on the target ECU.

BASELABS Create Embedded is a software tool and embedded sensor fusion library for the fast and efficient development of sensor fusion systems:

  • Object fusion for Level 2 ADAS & automated driving functions
  • Dynamic object fusion for automated driving functions such as AEB, ACC & Highway Pilot
  • Scalable from radar-camera front fusion up to 360° object fusion
  • Consistent development workflow from prototyping to series production
  • Automated AUTOSAR Classic integration, compatible to AUTOSAR Adaptive
  • C-source code for embedded hardware platforms, e.g. AURIX 2G & Renesas RH850
  • ISO 26262 compliant
  • Develop custom sensor fusion algorithms with the graphical sensor fusion designer
  • Use built-in sensor models for typical automotive sensors, e.g. camera & radar
  • Implement custom sensor models with the sensor fusion SDK
  • Get MISRA compliant, numerically stable and human-readable C-source code
  • Developed according to ASPICE and ISO 26262

A specific AUTOSAR component is generated from the configuration. It hosts the actual sensor fusion algorithm and provides an input port for each configured sensor, the ego-motion of the host vehicle and an output port that contains the resulting objects.

Generated AUTOSAR components integrate directly into AUTOSAR tools and software, e.g. MICROSAR/DaVinci and EB tresos.

Webinar recording: Efficient development of embedded data fusion systems

Experts from BASELABS and Vector show you how to generate an individual data fusion algorithm that is safety-compliant, and which runs directly on embedded systems and MICROSAR ECUs in the target vehicle. The webinar was hosted by our partner company Vector.

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