Functionally safe sensor fusion by decomposition

Automated driving functions in series vehicles are required to be compliant with the ISO 26262 standard for functional safety. This includes appropriate quality levels up to ASIL D. For environment perception, decomposition of the safety architecture is a suitable way of for achieving those quality levels.

ASIL D environment model

BASELABS supports OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in the development of sensor fusion software, suitable for series production. This includes

  • consulting on functionally safe software architectures,
  • ASPICE and ISO 26262-compliant software modules and
  • development of data fusion software suitable for series production as part of a project order.

Why are these points that relevant?

  • ISO 26262 may require developments by an independent partner in addition to in-house development.
  • Many automated vehicles of today are prototypes. The software code used has not been developed according to functional safety standards and must be documented, analyzed, tested and qualified for series application with a very high expenditure of time.
  • The prototypes are specific implementations for exactly one vehicle, one sensor configuration and exactly one selected driving function. Commercialization requires numerous variants for different vehicle models. This requires the use of a scalable development workflow, provided by BASELABS Create Embedded.

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