Exemplary Workflow with BASELABS Create Embedded

Sensor Fusion Library for NVIDIA DRIVE Platforms

The NVIDIA DRIVE platform offers several hardware and software features that support the development of automated driving functions. The software library BASELABS Create Embedded allows for the fast and efficient development of Level 2 ADAS and automated driving functions, such as AEB, ACC and Highway Pilot. With the software data fusion algorithms are seamlessly developed and executed on the DRIVE platforms.

Many modern driving functions depend on AI and deep learning methods whose results are often fed into a data fusion. While AI-based methods require extensive parallelization and therefore often run on GPUs, object fusion can be sequentially executed on CPUs. With the support of the ARM CPU family, the object fusion of BASELABS Create Embedded runs on the ARM part of NVIDIA DRIVE platforms.

BASELABS Create Embedded is a software solution for the fast and efficient development of data fusion systems for automated driving functions. Its embedded library contains fusion algorithms that combine data from radar, camera, and lidar sensors. The resulting object fusion provides a unified object list of the vehicle environment and serves as an input for automated driving functions.

  • Develop custom data fusion algorithms with the graphical data fusion designer
  • Use built-in sensor models for typical automotive sensors, e.g. camera & radar
  • Implement custom sensor models with the data fusion SDK
  • Get MISRA compliant, numerically stable and human-readable C-source code
  • Developed according to ASPICE and ISO 26262
  • Automated ROS integration and ROS node generation 
  • Execute the data fusion algorithm on NVIDIA DRIVE platforms
  • Built-in data fusion visualization 
  • Set parameters during design-time and at runtime

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