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Modular and safe data fusion library, efficient data fusion development for ADAS
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software developers are facing the challenge to develop data fusion applications quickly and efficiently in pre-development and prototyping activities and taking over the results directly for production ECUs.

Learn how to overcome these challenges in the upcoming virtual live demo from BASELABS and Vector at the Virtual Week, Nov 9-13. Moreover, we recommend utilizing a modular and safe sensor fusion library to accelerate your object fusion development.

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Join us at the Vector Virtual Week, Nov 9-13 and learn more about the efficient development of data fusion systems for ADAS.

In our live session "Efficient Data Fusion Development for ADAS", experts from BASELABS and Vector will show how to use our software library BASELABS Create Embedded to generate custom data fusion algorithms for specific driving functions and sensor setups. They will showcase the full development workflow starting from the configuration of a data fusion system towards obtaining safety-compliant code which can directly be integrated into embedded systems and MICROSAR ECUs in the target vehicle.

The live session is part of Vector Virtual Week, Nov 9-13 of our partner company Vector. To book a live tool demo, just register for the event and join our experts at the virtual workstation and be part of the interactive demo: Registration link

Join one of the live demos "Efficient Data Fusion Development for ADAS" (all times in CET/Europe/Berlin):

  • Monday, Nov 9 at 4:00-4:15 PM
  • Tuesday, Nov 10 at 2:00-2:15 PM
  • Wednesday, Nov 11 at 10:00-10:15 AM
  • Thursday, Nov 12 at 10:00-10:15 AM
  • Friday, Nov 13 at 4:00-4:15 PM

The market requirements for the development of automatic driving functions and its data fusion systems are constantly changing. Not only is sensor fusion a challenging task in and of itself, but it also needs to be quickly and efficiently re-configured and adapted for different projects, ADAS functions, sensor combinations, use cases, or design domains. Thus, data fusion development is continuously time and resource-intensive. For safety-critical applications in series vehicles, the overall-efforts are increasing drastically due to the high efforts for documentation and testing.

BASELABS Create Embedded is a modular and safe data fusion library to accelerate your custom data fusion development. It contains data fusion algorithm blocks and a reference architecture to develop and adapt your object fusion systems. The C source code of the library is fully accessible and ready for embedded platforms.

More about BASELABS Create Embedded

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BASELABS regards itself as a family-friendly employer. Most of our team members have young children, and everyone understands the challenges of balancing family and work. This year in particular - during closing hours, home office, quarantine, and the like - this was sometimes one of the biggest challenges and could be again this autumn/winter. During the closing time of kindergartens and schools, BASELABS supports the employees who were unable to work due to childcare. Additionally, BASELABS is providing financial assistance to parents who are unable to work because of sick children. That strengthens and encourages us to get through these uncertain times together.

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09.-13.11.2020 Vector Virtual Week, online

16.-17.11.2020 Tech.AD USA 2020, online

24.-26.02.2021 Automotive Tech.AD Europe 2021, Berlin/ hybrid

28.04.2021 BASELABS Data Fusion Forum, Chemnitz/ hybrid

We look forward to welcoming you in person again soon - however, please note that announced events may change at short notice due to Covid-19.

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