Analyze data fusion systems more efficiently with the diagnostic tool of BASELABS Create Embedded. Learn how to deal with overlapping fields of view and different detection characteristics of multiple sensors.

Data fusion diagnostics |How to handle overlapping fields of view
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we are excited to announce that our embedded software library - BASELABS Create Embedded - now comes with a built-in diagnostic tool to analyze data fusion systems more efficiently.

Our current software release 6.0 additionally offers to export a data fusion system as an AUTOSAR software component (SWC) for direct integration into an AUTOSAR application. Read more in our previous newsletter.

Furthermore, we demonstrate how to handle many different sensor constellations like (partially) overlapping fields of view.

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  Visualization and diagnostics  

To analyze the current system behavior and performance, developers require a rich and customizable visualization that shows all relevant information in an integrated way. Often, data fusion issues are hard to find and thus require additional development time. The embedded data fusion library BASELABS Create Embedded comes with a built-in visualization of the data fusion results, the sensor fields of view, and the sensor data in a birds-eye-view according to the configured sensor setup. Furthermore, the latest software release 6.0 includes a diagnostic tool that provides detailed insights into the data fusion system, e.g. to derive sensor parameters or to find the reason why a certain measurement is not associated with a track. By selecting single tracks of interest, a detailed analysis of associated measurements and uncertainties for distinct components of the state is possible. Using diagnostics, you can easily discover if a track is only confirmed by some of the sensors but not by all of them.

Find out more about BASELABS Create Embedded


For data fusion, it is crucial to handle sensor setups with overlapping fields of view as this provides the redundancy that reduces false alarms, increases accuracy, and improves availability. The data fusion library BASELABS Create Embedded provides an integrated way to handle many different sensor constellations like (partially) overlapping fields of view. For that, the detection characteristic of each sensor can be adjusted individually and incorporated by so-called detection models. Such models may include the sensor's field of view and dynamic detection rates, depending on e.g. the object's distance, aspect angle, or type.

Learn more about sensor fusion technology, integration, and safety aspects on our FAQ page.

  Summer Team Event 2020  

Despite the situation around Covid-19, we did not want to miss our BASELABS team event this summer completely. That is why we arranged it a little bit differently this year. When we organized our team event, a maximum of 10 people was allowed to meet only. So, we decided on a hiking route and planned three dates from which each team member could choose one. It should be a surprise with whom you hike. This resulted in a nice mix of our departments and a relaxed atmosphere among colleagues, who had not seen each other for a long time due to the Covid-19 related home-office.

We are already looking forward to the next team event, which hopefully we can all spend together again! Our regular team events are just one of many benefits of BASELABS.

Discover our honored "Great Place to work®".


12.11.2020 OUTPUT.DD, Dresden (in cooperation with CADA)

26.11.2020 TUCconnect, Chemnitz (in cooperation with CADA)

30.11.-01.12.2020 Automotive Tech.AD China, Shanghai

24.02.-26.02.2021 Automotive Tech.AD Europe 2021, Berlin

28.04.2021 BASELABS Data Fusion Forum, Chemnitz

We look forward to welcoming you in person again soon - however, please note that announced events may change at short notice due to Covid-19.

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