Series-grade data fusion library for embedded systems for the fast and efficient development of automated driving functions.

ISO 26262 compliance confirmed by exida, AUTOSAR and NVIDIA support
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we are excited to announce that our product for the development of safe object fusion algorithms – BASELABS Create Embedded – has been confirmed by exida to be compliant with the relevant regulations of the ISO 26262 safety norm. The software significantly reduces the development costs of Level 2 ADAS and automated driving functions, shortens the time to market, and considers safety-compliance efficiently.

BASELABS Create Embedded provides workflows for seamless integration to AUTOSAR and allows for the automated generation of AUTOSAR software components. Recently, together with our strategic partner Vector, we organized a webinar on this topic. The recording of this webinar is available on our YouTube Channel.

As many of our customers, we are also affected by Corona. Read more about what we are doing to get through these challenging times below.

We wish you and your beloved ones all the best - stay healthy!

Your BASELABS team

  exida confirms ISO 26262 compliance of BASELABS Create Embedded  

Our product for the development of safe object fusion algorithms – BASELABS Create Embedded – has been confirmed by exida to be compliant with the relevant regulations of the ISO 26262 safety norm. With its comprehensive understanding of ISO 26262, exida provides ISO 26262 certification for the development of safer products. 

BASELABS Create Embedded has been developed in accordance with a relevant sub-set of ISO 26262:2018 requirements and methods for ASIL B. Its resulting software algorithms are directly applicable to the production of safety-related ADAS and automated driving functions. 

In its recently released version 5.0, BASELABS Create Embedded comes with: 

  • A safety case that integrates into the safety case of the system to be developed.
  • A safety manual that gives users guidelines on how to use the product in a safety-related context.

BASELABS Create Embedded saves up to 50% of the development costs and significantly shortens development time. Read our white paper on cost and development time savings.

More about BASELABS Create Embedded

  Sensor data fusion library for AUTOSAR  

AUTOSAR acts as a middleware for ADAS and automated driving. It runs several software components (SWCs) such as a data fusion SWC, whose result could be used by automated driving functions. BASELABS Create Embedded provides complete data fusion SWCs from a user-defined configuration that contains the system-specific sensor-set and customizations. It runs directly together with AUTOSAR on the target ECU. The automated generation of AUTOSAR software components further reduces the development effort.

In the webinar "Efficient Development of Data Fusion Systems for Automated Driving Functions for Embedded Systems", we demonstrated the entire workflow:

  • Graphical configuration of the sensor setup, the automated generation of safety-compliant data fusion C source code, and an AUTOSAR software component (SWC)
  • Integration into middleware software and embedded platforms, e.g. integration into the Vector's software DaVinci Developer for designing the architecture of SWCs, which is running directly on embedded systems and MICROSAR ECUs in the target vehicle

Find out more about AUTOSAR integration

  NVIDIA Drive support  

Many modern driving functions depend on AI and deep learning methods, which results are often fed into a data fusion. While AI-based methods require extensive parallelization and therefore often run on GPUs, object fusion can be sequentially executed on CPUs. With the support of the ARM CPU family, the object fusion of BASELABS Create Embedded runs on the ARM part of NVIDIA DRIVE platforms.

NVIDIA has recently announced its turn to driver-assistance market keeping in mind that robo-taxis are still too far away. At BASELABS, we have a data fusion library available today for the fast and efficient development of Level 2 ADAS and automated driving functions, such as AEB, ACC, and Highway Pilot.

More about NVIDIA support

  BASELABS in times of Corona  

For two months now, we have been working from home  - with less contact with colleagues and often with limited availability, since many team members had to look after their children at home. During the past weeks, we had to realize that some customers are cautious and limiting their activities. In some non-technical areas, we are now working short-time to get through the crisis more safely.

BASELABS is trying to make the best of it and supports its employees as much as possible:

  • Additional financial compensation was given for the loss of working hours due to childcare.
  • Some team members took the opportunity to donate their extra hours to those affected by childcare.
  • New formats have been initiated to virtually meet and exchange information with the team. In a virtual break room, it is possible to meet via video chat for breakfast, lunch, an afternoon with children or for a get-together in the evening.
  • Our "exercise break" for sports activities in between takes place regularly online now.
  • At the end of April, the team members were surprised with a personal letter from our managing director Robin Schubert - the envelope also contained a BASELABS face mask, Forget-me-not flower seeds, and a pre-addressed envelope to send a personal thank you message to someone in the team.

Despite the current situation, together we are shaping the future of BASELABS. We are affected by Corona, but the mood at BASELABS is still very good and people are highly motivated. The great feeling of team strength, the support, and understanding of the employer encourages us to keep going.

How do you keep up positive vibes among your colleagues? Share your ideas on LinkedIn, Facebook or contact us directly.


30.11.-01.12.2020 Automotive Tech.AD China, Shanghai 

28.04.2021 BASELABS Data Fusion Forum, Chemnitz

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