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Scalable data fusion for level 1 to 5 of autonomous driving

By means of the graphical configuration of complex data fusion applications, the latest version of the software framework BASELABS Create offers a simple scaling from systems consisting of a low number of sensors up to extensive sensor configurations providing a 360°-coverage of the vehicle environment. This innovative approach allows a significant increase in development speed. The system code is accessible for the data fusion experts at any time throughout the process, to enable them to carry out programmatic customizations. BASELABS Create is compatible with all merchantable middleware-software products and prototyping-hardware platforms, and complements them with the data fusion component. In the data fusion, it is possible to process various data inputs (objects, raw data, point clouds) from all typical automotive sensors (radar, camera, lidar, ultrasound) into a unified environment model. The framework is available for Windows and Linux. Due to the increasing degree of automation in the development of autonomous vehicles, developers of environment perception systems are challenged by rising requirements and expectations.

"Many of our clients start their development with simple two-sensor-systems. For more demanding use cases, such as the highway pilot, the number of necessary sensors is growing rapidly. BASELABS Create massively supports the developer in coping with such challenges, like the combination of sensors with different viewing angles and overlapping fields of view", explains Eric Richter, CTO Development Software at BASELABS. BASELABS Create has a long track record in system development at OEMs and Tier 1.

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