And BASELABS has been awarded for its approach to tackle that challenge.

Your software is aging.
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your software development productivity is at stake. BASELABS CEO, Robin Schubert, shares his view about the underestimated factor in the automated driving software strategy to tackle this challenge.

In conclusion, software sourcing needs to go beyond traditional make-or-buy decisions to show its full potential. BASELABS provides sensor fusion software as a product to increase flexibility in building such software - in-house or at the supplier. This offers more flexibility in sourcing decisions for which we have been honored by the Frost & Sullivan "2021 Enabling Technology Leadership Award".

Enough "strategy-talk" for this edition. What about some hands-on insights on how to combine detection-only radars and a smart camera in an embedded implementation? Find out in our recent video.

Last but not least, it's the people who make these achievements possible. Learn how BASELABS invests in the team.

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  The underestimated factor in your automated driving software strategy  

Your software is aging. Only regular maintenance ensures smooth operation, which ties up essential resources. Due to that, it is impossible to cover the increasing complexity of software development with constant resources. That is why Robin Schubert, CEO of BASELABS, considers strategic software sourcing one of the most impactful factors. It can deliver driving automation systems in time and budget in the years to come.

Read more about why software development productivity is at stake

  Enabling Technology Award: Alternative sourcing strategy for sensor fusion  

In the race to automated driving, automotive companies have a continuously increasing demand for development resources and face the "productivity-complexity-gap" (McKinsey 2021). BASELABS provides the automotive industry with an attractive procurement strategy for sensor fusion through a product. The Frost & Sullivan 2021 Enabling Technology Leadership Award for our product BASELABS Create Embedded underlines the potential of such a strategy to meet the permanently changing market and technology requirements efficiently and to stay competitive.

More about sensor fusion as a product

  How to combine a smart camera with a detection-only radar sensor?  

Smart cameras are widely considered a standard solution when developing a perception system for ADAS. In our technical video, you learn how to improve the overall perception performance by combining the camera with an additional radar sensor that provides independent detections.

View our Sensor Fusion How-To Video

  We invest in our team: fixed budget for further training  

At BASELABS, each team member can choose further training measures based on its role and responsibility. For us, additional training is a conscious investment in the personal and professional development of our employees. By doing so, we constantly improve our team's skill level, which is a major prerequisite to make our customers successful in the long term.
Therefore, the proactive personal and professional development of every single colleague is both supported and expected. We use personal feedback to identify potentials for development and support corresponding measures for current as well as future needs.

Find out more about the benefits at BASELABS


29.09.2021 The Autonomous 2021, Vienna / hybrid

BASELABS is a long-term contributor to The Autonomous and will participate in the event as a partner.

In November 2020, The Autonomous co-organized with BASELABS the fifth virtual Chapter Event on the topic of "Safety & Sensor Fusion" in order to extend the Global Reference Solutions' scope towards challenges in the field of environmental sensing and data fusion. A video recap is available.

BASELABS is also a member of the first long-term working group "Safety & Architecture" of The Autonomous. The partners and leaders of this working group include Arm, Audi, CoreAVI, DENSO, Five, the German Fraunhofer IESE, NXP, the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and TTTech Auto.

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