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BASELABS frequently participates in relevant industry events. We are active as both speakers and participants at conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs. These events are excellent opportunities for a personal chat – contact us prior to your event participation to ensure that a BASELABS representative is available for a meeting at the event.



04.12.2018 - 05.12.2018

Vehicle Intelligence 2018

The conference will provide you with the platform to hear about the Latest developments in imaging, advanced computer vision, big data and deep learning for intelligent vehicles.

The main topics are:

  • Computer Vision: sensor fusion, deep learning, SLAM
  • Perception systems: product development, architectures, platforms
  • Connectivity: crowdsourcing data from mobility infrastructure
  • Safety and Testing: safety of deep neural networks, validation of automated driving functions and computer vision algorithms
  • Big Data: for test and validation, processing, network capabilities

BASELABS will contribute with an own booth and a presentation with the topic:

"Fast and qualifiable - Benefits of a tool-based workflow for the series development of sensor data fusion systems"


  • Advantages of tool support in prototyping of sensor data fusion systems
  • Aspects of series development of sensor data fusion with respect to process requirements and functional safety
  • Tool support for combining the advantages of fast prototyping and safe software development for series production

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