17.10.2019 - 17.10.2019

Infineon's OktoberTech 2019, Mountain View

At the OktoberTech 2019 an exclusive group of visionary product developers, business leaders, expert hardware and system design engineers meets to explore advanced technologies - from intelligent power, smart audio, contextually aware systems and autonomous machines to enhanced security.

BASELABS was asked to introduce its data fusion software library for embedded platforms to the Infineon's community at the OktoberTech 2019. The software library BASELABS Create Embedded makes it possible for the first time to take over the developed data fusion C-code directly for production ECUs. Infineon's Aurix platforms are perfectly suited for the execution of the software algorithms.

Norman Mattern, Director Product Development, will give a speech about the topic "Efficient sensor data fusion is paramount to enable safe automated vehicles".

Contents: Sensor data fusion is a key technology that enables the development of functionally safe automation systems. Complex tasks such as detection of sensor malfunction, sensor synchronization, and accurate tracking and prediction of objects are all critical to achieve safety requirements. The session will illustrate the challenges in the development of sensor data fusion software for series production and how software tools can support the development.

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