C-TOWN 360°, Chemnitz

The annual convention C-TOWN 360° considers the innovation location Chemnitz with an all-round horizon. Leaders and developers present technologies, insights and Megatrends from their leading role in the fields of smart systems and microelectronics.In 2019 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Smart Systems Campus Chemnitz, our most important national base for technical start-ups. At the same time, we look back on the roots of today's success: 40 years of microelectronics in Chemnitz stand for consolidated market power and at the same time form the foundation for the industry of the future.

Robin Schubert, CEO at BASELABS, will give a presentation about "Impulse Mobility - Automated Driving" and "Software modules for automated driving from Chemnitz" in coorporation with FDTech GmbH and FusionSystems within the CADA association.

More about the event C-TOWN 360° 

About CADA: Together with other companies from in the field of automated driving in Chemnitz, BASELABS has founded the association CADA. The cluster has the mission to promote Chemnitz as a competence center for software development for automated driving. Several companies are active in this field with slightly different but complementary focus. This underlines the wide range of job opportunities available to actively participate in the future of the automotive industry. Both graduates and experienced software developers and engineers are invited to benefit from this versatility for their career in Chemnitz in the long run.

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