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BASELABS frequently participates in relevant industry events. We are active as both speakers and participants at conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs. These events are excellent opportunities for a personal chat – contact us prior to your event participation to ensure that a BASELABS representative is available for a meeting at the event.




Webinar - Generate a custom data fusion algorithm in 25 minutes

Efficient and scalable development of data fusion systems for ADAS and HAD

In our webinar on December 11th you will experience how to use the development framework BASELABS Create to generate a custom data fusion algorithm within 25 minutes by means of configuration and customization. Our data fusion expert Katharina Wagner will introduce how developers are enabled to resolve their individual data fusion challenges fast and efficiently with BASELABS Create. This includes the graphical configuration of the sensor setup, the generation of matching data fusion code and the generation of an integration layer for middleware systems such as vADASdeveloper, ROS, ADTF or RTMaps. The webinar is hosted by our partner company Vector and is one of further webinars for developers of driver assistance systems. 

Register now for the webinar 9:00 am or 3:00 pm.

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