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Be up to date on BASELABS’ activities in the development and validation for ADAS and automated vehicles. Browse our news, subscribe to the BASELABS newsletter, read our press releases or follow us on our social media channels.


We frequently inform about new developments, customers, partnerships and job offers. Read the latest news from BASELABS.

Meet us where the industry meets

BASELABS frequently participates in relevant industry events. We are active as both speakers and participants at conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs. These events are excellent opportunities for a personal chat – contact us prior to your event participation to ensure that a BASELABS representative is available for a meeting at the event.

BASELABS newsletter and press releases

Information that matters for developers and testers of data fusion applications as well as for journalist. We email our newsletter only at a few occasions per year, so your mailbox will not get spammed. Seize to opportunity to not miss relevant info. Press releases are distributed in English and German.

Social Media

BASELABS offers many opportunities to follow our activites in social media. Have a look at our social media channels and feel free to follow and interact with us.

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