Management Board


The BASELABS Management team consists of the founders and experienced staff from data fusion development and research, who are active in the industry since many years.

Dr. Robin Schubert

Dr. Robin Schubert is co-founder and managing director of BASELABS GmbH. Together with his team members he is working on the vision that automated vehicles on the road are running BASELABS software on a large scale. His dynamic and employee-centered management style has been proven by continuous market innovations and technology improvements, for which BASELABS was honored with the TOP100 award 2016 as one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. Before founding the company in 2012, he was head of the "data fusion" research group at the professorship of communications engineering at Technische Universität Chemnitz and has been involved for many years in research for advanced driver assistance systems. For his dissertation in the field of "lane change assistants", he received the Hermann Appel award in 2012.

Dr. Norman Mattern

Norman Mattern is co-founder at BASELABS and CTO Validation Products. In this role he is leading the development of probabilistic models for the simulation of ADAS sensors. Furthermore, Mr. Mattern managed various R&D projects on sensor data fusion for automated vehicles with OEMs and Tier 1s in Europe, Asia and North America. Before the foundation of BASELABS he had been working as a research associate at Chemnitz University of Technology since 2007. During that time he developed and implemented different innovative algorithms for lane-level accurate localization of vehicles in the course of various European Projects.

Dr. Eric Richter

Dr. Eric Richter is CTO Development and Validation Products and co-founder at BASELABS. In this role he is leading the development of BASELABS´ state-of-the-art data fusion products for the whole data fusion development eco-system. This includes the data fusion prototyping software framework BASELABS Create for fast sensor data fusion results, the source code generator BASELABS Code to directly generate prototypical C code and the probabilistic BASELABS Models for the simulation of ADAS sensors. He holds a PHD in the field of multiple object tracking.

Holger Löbel

Holger Löbel is CMO and co-founder of BASELABS. In his role, he is responsible for all sales and marketing activities as well as business development at BASELABS. He holds a diploma in business administration and science from Chemnitz University of Technology. From 2006, he worked as a project manager at Infineon Technologies AG, a market-leading company in semiconductors. There, he gathered extensive experiences at the interface between R&D and technical marketing.

Dr. Marcus Obst

Marcus Obst is project specialist at BASELABS. In his role, he is responsible for managing various projects with industry partners in the context of 360 degree perception and multi-sensor data fusion. Moreover he is responsible for a European RTD project AutoNet2030 which targets cooperative autonomous driving. Before, he has been a research associate since 2009 at Chemnitz University of Technology. In the European research projects CoVeL and GAIN he developed and implemented several innovative algorithms in the field of GNSS-based vehicle localization for ITS by utilizing robust Bayesian data fusion techniques. This also includes a practical implementation of several V2V and V2X technologies as well as developing applications and algorithms. In 2015, he successfully finished his doctoral thesis in the field of “robust GNSS-based vehicle localization”.

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