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The Autonomous 2021, Vienna

Shaping the future of safe autonomous mobility with BASELABS

BASELABS will participate The Autonomous Hybrid Event as a partner in Vienna, Austria, on September 29, 2021.

Join us on the Event and get your ticket here.

On November 5, 2020, The Autonomous co-organized with BASELABS the fifth virtual Chapter Event on the topic of Safety & Sensor Fusion in order to extend the Global Reference Solutions’ scope towards challenges in the field of environmental sensing and data fusion. A vdeio recap is available here.

As autonomous mobility is moving closer to becoming a reality, safety concerns prove to be the main hurdle in the way of reaching broad acceptance. Overcoming this challenge and the necessary investment costs cannot be mastered by a single OEM, tier 1, or tech company.

Therefore, The Autonomous mobility industry must come together and show significant efforts in prioritizing and ensuring safety on all technological levels, as well as to set common technical and legal standards.

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