Engineering services

Customized sensor fusion software for prototyping and series production

BASELABS provides customized data fusion software for prototyping and series development as an engineering service provider. Typical applications are automation level 1 systems like Automated Emergency Brake (AEB) as well as more complex level 3 systems for automated highway driving (Highway Pilot). The software is developed according to ASPICE and ASIL requirements.

Embedded series code

Framework assisted Data Fusion Development

Integration according to V-model

ECU integration

At BASELABS we are continuously working on a convenient workflow for the development of data fusion algorithms which can be integrated in AUTOSAR Classic as well as AUTOSAR Adaptive. In the near future data fusion algorithms developed with our framework will be available as a service within AUTOSAR. This service will be providing reliable information about the vehicle's environment based on the utilized sensors and will provide a unified interface towards applications, like automated driving functions.

Cooperation approach

BASELABS takes care of the sensor data fusion which results in an environment model as an engineering service provider. This also includes pre-development activities. The output of the environment model includes moving and/or static objects and is then used as an input for the function development. The driving function development is done by our customer or a partner company.

Pre-Series development


In pre-series development and R&D, the BASELABS experts support your development activities with the implementation of data fusion applications for various use cases. This includes all relevant automotive sensing technologies (vision, radar, lidar) as well as all commonly used middleware, e.g. vADASdeveloper, ROS, Simulink, ADTF, RTMaps, PolySync. Because of the prototyping process, you receive a data fusion application that you can directly use in your setup. For subsequent development activities, the delivered application can be modified using BASELABS Create Embedded.


360° perception

Intersection assistant


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