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exida confirms ISO 26262 compliance of BASELABS Create Embedded

We are excited to announce that our product for the development of safe object fusion algorithms - BASELABS Create Embedded - has been confirmed by exida to be compliant with the relevant regulations of the ISO 26262 safety norm. With its comprehensive understanding of ISO 26262, exida provides ISO 26262 certification for the development of safer products.

BASELABS Create Embedded has been developed in accordance with a relevant sub-set of ISO 26262:2018 requirements and methods for ASIL B. Its resulting software algorithms are directly applicable to the production of safety-related ADAS and automated driving functions.

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Webinar recording: Efficient development of embedded data fusion systems

Automated generation of an AUTOSAR software component that runs an embedded data fusion: Experts from BASELABS and Vector show you how to generate an individual data fusion algorithm that is safety-compliant, and which runs directly on embedded systems and MICROSAR ECUs in the target vehicle. The webinar was hosted by our partner company Vector.

Contact us to discuss how BASELABS Create Embedded helps to save development time and up to 50% of costs while reducing project risks.

Webinar recording
Time and cost advantages of a standardized software library for data fusion

Read about the cost reduction potentials and advantages of a standardized software library for data fusion on According to a reference calculation, this library reduces development costs for data fusion software by 50 percent and significantly reduces development time. These time and cost advantages enable automotive companies to react flexibly to customer requirements, to push ahead with their innovations for series development with less risk and to market them much faster. More about the cost reduction potentials you can read in our English whitepaper.

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2nd BASELABS Data Fusion Forum – save the date

Data fusion as part of the environmental model is one of the key components for automated driving. The performance, reliability and flexibility of this software component will have a decisive influence on the success of vehicle automation. As active members of the community, we initiate the BASELABS Data Fusion Forum. The 2nd edition takes place on April 28th 2021 in Chemnitz. At the first event in 2019, a selected group of international data fusion experts from OEMs, Tier1 and others met in Munich for the first edition of the event and discussed topics like low-level fusion, functional safety, validation, and extended object tracking. We are looking forward to continuing this year.

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Cost-reduction potential in data fusion development

In our new white paper "Cost-reduction potential in data fusion development" a real-world reference system shows that even simple systems generate development costs of at least EUR 1.2 million. Standardized software libraries with tooling support, such as BASELABS Create Embedded, significantly reduce efforts, save up to 50% of costs and simultaneously shorten development times. Enjoy reading more about the saving effects in our white paper.

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BASELABS Create Embedded now supports Infineon's AURIX TC3xx microcontrollers

With BASELABS Create Embedded, a series-grade software library is available which enables customers to efficiently develop data fusion systems for automated driving functions in embedded systems. The software makes it possible for the first time to take over the developed data fusion C-code directly for series production ECUs. Infineon's AURIX™ TC3xx microcontroller platforms are perfectly suited for the execution of the embedded software algorithms.

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Chemnitz Automated Driving Alliance (CADA) - bundled competencies in Chemnitz

Together with other companies from in the field of automated driving in Chemnitz, BASELABS has founded the association CADA. The cluster has the mission to promote Chemnitz as a competence center for software development for automated driving. Several companies are active in this field with slightly different but complementary focus. This underlines the wide range of job opportunities available to actively participate in the future of the automotive industry. Both graduates and experienced software developers and engineers are invited to benefit from this versatility for their career in Chemnitz in the long run.

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BASELABS is a certified Great Place to Work®

BASELABS was honored at the Great Place to Work® competition 2017 and 2019 as one of the best places to work in Germany in the branch of information and communication technology and in 2019 also in the small and medium-sized business category (20 - 49 employees).

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Better AEB driving experience through data fusion

Data fusion increases the data quality of sensors and combines the strengths of multiple sensors. Due to the increased data quality, AEB systems are more precise, reliable and safe.

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About sensor fusion

Sensor data fusion is one of the most important building blocks for automated vehicles. In the process of sensor fusion, the results of different sensors are combined to obtain more reliable and meaningful data. In the context of automated driving, the term usually refers to the perception of the environment of a vehicle using vehicle sensors such as radars, cameras and lidars.

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