Customer-Specific Sensor Fusion Software

ADAS software modules for sensor fusion development and test

BASELABS Modules describes the development of customized data fusion applications, according to the needs of our customers. We have a broad experience in implementing different data fusion use cases. Examples are Multiple Object Tracking (MOT) or Automated Emergency Break (AEB) applications.

Advanced Engineering / Function development

BASELABS Modules increase development speed
Making use of a BASELABS Modules project provides a fast solution to certain challenges, e.g. the implementation of a realistic environment perception in the prototyping phase. This includes toolboxes for ADTF or Matlab as well as standalone applications, for example for sensor data fusion. With BASELABS Modules, we can offer dedicated software for multiple use cases to our customers:

  • Sensor data fusion
  • Fusion layer for central ADAS domain controller prototyping
  • Multiple object detection and tracking (MOT)
  • Precise vehicle localization
  • Lane recognition
  • Free space estimation using occupancy grids

Exemplary use case: faster function development

The BASELABS Modules multi object tracker provides the functionality to fuse any object data, e.g. from radar sensors, laser scanners and cameras.

This environment perception system can be driven with real measurement data when developing an ADAS function. By doing so, the start of function development is not dependent on the proprietary environment perception that will be used in the final system, but may only be available at a later time. This procedure yields a time advantage in the function development process.

Test and evaluation

Support for different tasks in Validation
For test and evaluation, BASELABS Modules can be used for different use cases. A common application is data logging for systems with arbitrary sensors. The modules can be adjusted to a variety of setups with different sensors and data formats. Further applications include the use in MiL and SiL environments. Exemplary use cases:

  • Multiple sensor data logging
  • Ready-to-use filters for MiL
  • CAN gateway for SiL
  • Customer-specific applications

If you use...

  • ...ADTF, then BASELABS Modules add functionality to your ADTF, e.g. selected filter components.
  • …MATLAB, then BASELABS Modules enrich your MATLAB with functionality that is specific for the ADAS domain, e.g. data fusion of multiple sensors for object detection and track-to-track fusion.


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