BASELABS Create 4.0

Release notes

BASELABS is working on permanent product improvements including new features or bug fixing. We inform our users about software updates and releases regularly. Please contact us to share your experiences with our products and ideas for new approaches.


Efficient data fusion development for ADAS and automated driving
BASELABS Create is designed for the fast development of complex data fusion algorithms. BASELABS Create can be used with field-tested, pre-implemented algorithms as well as for the development of fully custom algorithms.

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New Features

Camera measurement and detection models

A camera measurement model and a camera detection model have been added. Typical sensors that can use these models: Raw camera images preprocessing units, e.g. image detectors, classifiers or deep learning algorithms.

Radar detection model

Smart sensor models

Constant acceleration model

A motion model has been added that estimates the acceleration of an object in addition to its position and velocity.

Visual Studio item templates

Visual Studio item templates for creating new measurement models, detection models, track proposers, track removers and system models.

Improved radar measurement model

The radar measurement model now supports rotated sensors and incorporates the yaw rate of the ego vehicle to further improve the model accuracy and to increase its applicability in urban scenarios.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed: Biased calculation of the covariance in the SampleSet.ToGaussian() method
  • Fixed: BayesFilter.Predict() returns wrong results
  • Fixed: Race condition in licensing
  • Fixed: PersitenceModel.Evaluate() returns negative values for retrodiction
  • Fixed: Call for Evaluate() on system models leads to numeric exception
  • Fixed: License Exception in vADASdeveloper connection designer when GhostDoc is installed
  • Fixed: Usage of BASELABS Create with folder path including symbols such as "#"

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