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We provide data fusion results for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and highly automated driving (HAD) to OEMs, Tier1s, Tier2s and service providers. We support our customers with development tools and engineering support. BASELABS has a team size of approximately 40 people. The company is in a shared owner-ship of the four founders and Vector Informatik GmbH. This makes us strategically independent from any OEM or Tier 1 in the market.

Who we are

Data fusion experts and experienced software developers.

The BASELABS team as a strong background in both algorithm development for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated vehicles. The team has a broad experience in probabilistic data fusion techniques from several implementations for leading customers from the automotive industry. Our software development team has a long experience in developing high quality software for different industries. We are your trustworthy partner for challenging tasks in data fusion development, be it with our development tools or our engineering services. And we have a lot of fun - for example at our quarterly team events.

What we do

Software for the development of sensor fusion applications.

Sensor data fusion refers to the combination of data from different sensors to gain information. In the automotive industry, typical sensors in use are radar sensors, laser scanners and cameras, to name but a few. This sensor information is used to generate a representation of the environment of the vehicle, the so-called environment model. The purpose of this model is the reliable environment perception, so that the vehicle "knows" which objects (other vehicles, but also persons or other obstacles) are around. On the basis of this information, the vehicle can decide on whether an action is required to support the driver (e.g. an automated emergency brake maneuver) or which maneuver should be performed in a fully autonomous vehicle. The data fusion for the environment perception is a challenging task. Software from BASELABS is used to develop the sensor fusion and makes this complex development effort a lot more efficient by supporting the development engineer in these tasks. Our customers use our software to develop cutting-edge driver assistance systems and automated vehicles. After the system development, the new system needs to be tested for reliable performance.

Data fusion technologies:

  • Object fusion: BASELABS Create Embedded is the tool for the development of data fusion systems for automated driving functions. It provides data fusion algorithms that combine data from radar, camera and lidar sensors. The resulting object fusion provides a unified object list for the vehicle's environment
  • Grid fusion: BASELABS Dynamic Grid provides integrated dynamic object and free space fusion for automated driving functions with SAE level 3-4 in unstructured urban environments
  • For all automotive sensors and platforms

We support our customers with:

  • A consistent workflow form protoyping to series production
  • Data fusion tools and engineering services
  • Data fusion requirements analysis
  • Functional safety concepts
  • Building up data fusion IP
  • Building data fusion applications for automated driving functions

For more information about our services and products, you can download our company profile.

English: Company Profile

Japanese: Company Profile

Whom we serve

Partner of leading OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers as well as Service Providers
BASELABS data fusion development tools are in use at leading companies in the automotive industry. Our customers develop advanced driver assistance systems as well as environment models with our software. We also support our customers with customer specific software modules.

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