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At BASELABS, you have the chance to work in the automotive industry, but experience the dynamics of a young and growing company. We offer appreciating working conditions in a co-operative environment. You will work on diversified, meaningful and challenging tasks in an open communication culture.

Benefits at BASELABS

At BASELABS we believe that a pleasant and collaborative working environment enables our employees to achieve exceptional results and to stay highly motivated. That’s why we place great importance on giving each employee the most flexibility and responsibility possible, strengthening team spirit, and making the work itself more enjoyable. The following benefits provide an insight into what we offer to all our employees.

Open Company Culture with a maximum of individual responsibility

Our culture is based on trust between employees and the company. Open communication and diversified, challenging tasks are key aspects of our teams. Each individual team member is encouraged to contribute his or her ideas and to try out new concepts. Our offices have an “open-door” policy and different spaces offer the opportunity to meet for coffee and exchange ideas.

„At BASELABS, I was given a lot of confidence early on, when I was able to specialize in functional safety. Today, I am interacting with partners on an equal footing, shaping the future of the company in this area."

(Stefan, 30, Technology Manager Series Software)

Flexible Working Hours

While working at BASELABS is a major and important part of every team member's life, our private lives are considered equally important. Employees at BASELABS have the freedom to choose their working hours. In addition, some working hours can also be carried out from home. Along with the freedom to choose one’s own working hours comes the responsibility to do so in a way that takes into account the needs and demands of the team. 

"I appreciate the possibility to adapt my working hours very flexibly. This allows me to balance my private needs and my professional goals. I can integrate things like sports, errands or craftsmen at home into my everyday life or simply take an afternoon off for leisure activities."

(Marcel, 34, Business Development Manager)


Most of our team members have young kids and everybody understands the challenges of building a career and having a family at the same time. We offer a work environment in which parents encounter understanding and open-mindedness regarding family obligations. Our annual family event allows the team members to get to know the colleagues' families on a celebration.

"My children (2 and 3) are a great enrichment for me and I am very happy, but they also cause one or the other restless night. I have decided to stay at a 40-hour week, because at BASELABS I have the feeling to get everything under one head. BASELABS is very keen to start and end meetings on time. Thanks to the flexible working hours, I can organize everything optimally."

(Maren, 36, Manager Marketing and Customer Relations)

Profit Participation

We would like to share the success of BASELABS, which is the success of all employees, with the team. Therefore, BASELABS has made an additional payment based on the company’s profit in the last two years.

"I think it's good that BASELABS has its employees involved in the company success. In this way one feels valued and motivated in his work to give his best."

(Christian, 33, Project Manager)

Reduced Working Hours

We know that every life stage presents a new challenge to organization of working time. That is why we want to give our employees the opportunity to work out individual part-time models.

"I live with my family outside of Chemnitz, away from the urban hustle and bustle. Despite a longer road it is important for me to spend a lot of time with my daughter (3). I have therefore decided on a part-time model. I find it very good that BASELABS makes it possible to adjust the working time to the individual circumstances of the employees."

(Andrea, 33, Manager Controlling and Funding Projects)

Corporate Donations

Social responsibility is an important issue for us. Every employee is entitled to an annual donation amount, which he or she can donate in his own discretion for an eligible purpose.

"I am privately engaged at the NABU. Therefore, I find it particularly important that BASELABS gives me the opportunity to decide which organizations benefit from the donations."

(Katharina, 32, Lead Software Developer)

Further Benefits

Permanent Employment Contracts

New hires for permanent positions are employed with permanent employment contracts. The only exception to this policy is positions that provide substitution for employees who are on parental leave. 

Free Beverages and Fruit

In our office kitchen, coffee, tea, water, cola and other soft drinks, juices, and fresh fruit are available for all employees free of charge.

Company Retirement Plan

We offer a company pension scheme in which the saved social contributions of the employees are paid into the retirement plan in order to increase the returns for employees.

If employees pay part of their salary into a pension plan, BASELABS makes a contribution.

Travel Health Insurance

In order to ensure that our employees havethe best possible insurance coverage in the event of an emergency during business trips, we provide additional travel health insurance.

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