BASELABS Models for CarSim

BASELABS Models for CarSim

BASELABS Models allows a more realistic simulation of ADAS sensors in CarSim. Exemplary use cases are the virtual validation of systems as well as the generation of input data in the data fusion development process.


BASELABS Models are a plug-in for CarSim that allows to define the characteristics of the sensor to be simulated. This includes the field of view, measurement noise and detection characteristics, which can be taken from the sensor’s data sheet.

Integration into CarSim

Integration into CarSim

Simulation Results

Typical errors of real sensors for a better validation of the simulation results

BASELABS Models inject typical errors of ADAS sensors into simulation environments. They simulate typical sensor characteristics of radar and smart camera sensors, e.g. noise, false and missed detections or latency. This enables a more realistic simulation of ADAS sensors for better evaluation of driver assistance systems and automated driving functions.

Evaluate BASELABS Models for CarSim

Evaluate BASELABS Models for CarSim.

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